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The house

The architectural ethos of Maison Oscar is a harmonious dialogue between past and present. Preserving the rustic charm of the original farmstead with its indigenous local stone, juxtaposed with contemporary spatial design and the incorporation of antique materials in the construction of a modern annex, creates a timeless ambiance of rustic elegance.


Common area's

The living area boasts an expansive layout, designed to maximizenatural light, which illuminates the contemporary interior adornedwith vibrant colors.


Within the confines of the house lie seven double rooms, eachcomplemented by its own bathroom, alongside a master bedroom. Thehallmark of this space lies in its contemporary design ethos,meticulously crafted to achieve a seamless integration of space,materials, and colors, resulting in a perfect blend of form and function.


At Maison Oscar, luxury isn't just a statement—it's a journey. Weuphold a standardof excellence where perfection reigns supreme,ensuring every moment of your experience is marked by flawlessexecution and attention to detail

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